This is my first tumblr.  I wonder if people will actually read it? 

Anyway, I created this tumblr because I felt like writing Japanese drama reviews.  I wrote one in livejournal last week which prompted me to start this tumblr.  Hence the name, “Drama no Mikata” or “An Ally/Supporter of Dramas.”  I included ‘mikata’ because “Seigi no Mikata” was the first Japanese drama I ever watched (all the way back in December of 2008).  That’s me being clever ;)

I guess there’s a format to how I write my reviews.

1. I write them only after I finish watching them.  I do not update with how it is going so far or what my thoughts are throughout it.  All of my thoughts will be collected after I watch the last episode.

2. Towards the end of my written review, I will have categories such as favorites (i.e. favorite character, favorite episode, favorite quote, etc). 

3. At the end of my review, I will grade it with stars.  Five stars being the highest, zero being the lowest. 

4. I usually have good things to say about dramas.  Even if I didn’t like it a lot, I still have at least a few good things to say.  I try to be positive.  However, I tend to be sarcastic, too.  But it’s all in good fun :)

My promises:

1. I ALWAYS finish a drama.  Whether it’s boring, long, or ridiculous, I still complete it.  You have my guarantee.

2. I hope this tumblr will help people find what dramas they want to watch next.  Whether you’re looking for an old one to watch or want to know if you should complete the one you’re watching, I hope this tumblr will help you in that sense.

This tumblr won’t be just for drama reviews though.  I’m also a Johnny’s fan and fan of Japanese modern culture, in general. 

I hope I can continue with this tumblr, because I’m in my last two months of college and will get pretty busy at the end.  But I’ll try my best!